We regret the necessity of cancelling the tournament. We were hoping the vaccine distribution was prevalent enough to keep our pool family safe.

Gathering limitations at the Convention Center, staffing complications and the general safety for our pool family and staff is paramount to our decision to cancel this year’s tournament.

VNEA International Pool Tournament, as of now, is still May 27th though June 7th, 2021 at Bally’s. The required week’s of play has been reduced to 8 weeks due to Covid-19.

End Of Season

Because of the uncertainty of the future driven by COVID-19, we are ending all leagues current. All leagues that have finished before March 12th will have Plaques and awards as usual with the exception of no Banquets.

All leagues that have not finished will be declared finished as of March 12th. Un-finished leagues will have limited plaques and awards, reduced expenses NOT taken include; Warner Coin Sectary fees, travel money, place money, and banquet fees.

Season end awards and Checks will be given at the next league sign-in, in order to allow all players to participate in the distribution. The next season sign-in will be determined by the relaxing of Social Distancing regulations. Ed & Dave