All players must be sanctioned members of the Valley National 8-Ball League to be eligible to play.

All players must have played a minimum of 8 weeks by the Thursday before tournament weekend.  Team members must have played together a minimum of 8 weeks (with the exception of “subs”).

In order to keep the play fair and fun for all, singles are grouped in divisions according to their skill levels. Players who have been rated by VNEA or PAMMA/VNEA must play at or above their ranking. Teams will be grouped in divisions according to the skill levels of their members. For example, a “C” Division Team cannot include Masters or “A” level players.  See the guidelines on Page 2 of the Team Entry Form (PDF) for details on team membership.  To see current rankings, view the PAMMA Rankings list on this website. You will need this information to complete your application.

Processed registrations will be listed on the Registered Singles and Registered Teams pages.  The online Registered Singles and Registered Teams pages will be updated regularly leading up to the tournament, so check back if your name doesn’t appear within a few days after submitting your application.  Online entries are processed once a week. If you don’t show up on the list, that means you are not yet registered, so please contact us if there is any doubt: 814-454-1587 or 800-558-4141.

Late singles registrations can be submitted in person at Warner Coin or at the Sud ‘n Spuds event on the Thursday evening before tournament, at the Bayfront Convention Center.  Singles registrations on the day of the tournament, will incur an additional $20 late fee.