Pool Leagues

Warner Coin has operated recreational VNEA 8-Ball Pool Leagues in the area since 1981, with leagues in Erie, Warren, and Crawford Counties.

Our leagues have helped to bring a new status to competitive and recreational pool playing, with standardized rules, guaranteed prize funds, and a handicap structure that makes everyone competitive regardless of skill level.

Our larger leagues are split into “easy” and “hard” divisions, to make for more evenly matched competition. We also have a special “Juniors” division for young players.

Most of our teams enter the PA State Tournament and perform quite well against teams from across the state. Several of our teams travel to Las Vegas each year for the National Tournament, competing against teams from across the country and around the world.

“Our leagues have opened up a whole new world of enjoyment for a lot of people. Anybody can play and enjoy pool, regardless of size, stature or educational background. It’s especially fun for me to watch people, especially kids, develop their skills over time, getting the basics and learning their own style. But more than that, sometimes you see the things that the kids learn in our leagues – the fun, the focus and the discipline of shooting pool – carry over into something bigger, into their everyday lives.”    Ed Borgia, Master Instructor and VNEA Hall-of-Famer

To start or join a league in your neighborhood, please contact us at 814-454-1587 or 800-558-4141.