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Northwestern Pennsylvania's Premier Dart Leagues

At Warner Coin, a Miele Group company, we take pride in operating Northwestern PA's largest dart league.

At Warner Coin, we take pride in operating Northwestern Pennsylvania's largest and most vibrant dart league. For over 16 years, our league has brought together dart enthusiasts from all over the region to compete, have fun, and build lasting friendships in area clubs and taverns.

Leagues for Everyone

Our dart league caters to all skill levels by offering three traditional games: Cricket, Dark, and Masters. With two seasons each year — Fall/Winter and Summer — players can choose their preferred games and schedules, ensuring everyone can find time to play. Many of our participants enjoy the variety and challenge of playing more than one type of game.

A handicap system keeps parity in the leagues and makes it fun for all skill levels, from entry to masters. This system levels the playing field, allowing newcomers and seasoned players to enjoy the league equally.

Building a Community

Over the years, our leagues have attracted an impressive group of the area's best dart shooters. Our leagues are sanctioned by the Amusement & Music Operators Association (AMOA) and the National Dart Association (NDA), which means our players are eligible to compete in the prestigious National Dart Tournament held annually in Las Vegas. This sanctioning marks our commitment to maintaining high standards and providing excellent opportunities for our players.

More Than Just Darts

Warner Coin is a proud member of the Miele Group. Our mission goes beyond providing entertainment. We strive to create community and camaraderie among our players. Our active participation in dart and pool leagues is a testament to our dedication to the Erie region and its residents. We believe in fostering connections and creating memorable experiences through the games we love.

Join Us Today!

Please get in touch with us if you want to start or join a dart league in your neighborhood. We're always excited to welcome new players and help you begin your dart journey. Call 814.454.1587 or 800.558.4141 for more information.

Come and experience the thrill of darts with Warner Coin, where every game is a chance to connect, compete, and have a great time.



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