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Team Dart Stats: Last Updated April 1, 2024

Team Dart League stats as reported by Warner Coin, a Miele Group company.

Team Dart Overall Stats

Team Darts_Overall_4-1-24.
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Corry 301

Dan's Boardwalk: In House

Meadville Summer Silver

Meadville Summer Gold

Monday Cricket

Northeast Doubles

Ohio Darts

Penny's Sunday

Wednesday Chicago Doubles

West County 301 Doubles

West County Summer

Youngsville 301 Darts

Team darts is a popular variation of the classic dart game, involving multiple players grouped into teams competing against each other. Typically played in leagues or casual settings, team darts fosters camaraderie and strategic collaboration.

Each team member takes turns throwing three darts per round, aiming to achieve the highest possible score or to hit specific targets, depending on the game format. Common formats include 501, where teams race to reduce their score from 501 to zero, and Cricket, where teams aim to "close" numbers 15 through 20 and the bullseye. Team dynamics are crucial, as players must strategize, support one another, and adapt to opponents’ moves.

The game encourages both individual skill development and teamwork, making it a favorite in pubs, clubs, and competitive leagues, where it brings people together in friendly competition and mutual enjoyment.



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