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Warren 9-Ball Summer League: May 7 to Aug. 20, 2024

Schedule updated June 19, 2024.

Check out the Warren 9-Ball Summer League schedule from May 7, 2024, to Aug. 20, 2024. Join us for weekly matches and exciting competition.

Warren 9-Ball Summer League, hosted from May 7, 2024, to Aug. 20, 2024. Warner Coin, a Miele Group company, is based in Erie, PA, and hosts Pool and Dart Leagues in Northeast Pennsylvania.
  • 1a Kam's: Julie 1st Wms, 730-5001

  • 1b Kam's: Shawn FitzS, 598-7321

  • 2a Cornerstone, Down: Jeff Carlson, 779-3718

  • 2b Cornerstone, Down: John Berlin, 779-1897

  • 3a Lawson's West End: Jody McIntosh, 230-4818

  • 3b Lawson's West End: Kristy Reilly, 688-2636

  • 4a Grumpy's: Dan Zofcin, 584-4805

  • 4b Grumpy's: Lance Ferrand, 730-1840

  • 5a Cornerstone, Up: Amy Hudson, 596-8369

  • 5b Pub 302: Jim Gruber, 730-8007

  • 6a Cronies: Jake Mohney, 596-8048

  • BY: Looking to fill  

Warner Coin is a proud member of the Miele Group. Our mission goes beyond providing entertainment. We strive to create community and camaraderie among our players. Our active participation in dart and pool leagues is a testament to our dedication to the Erie region and its residents. We believe in fostering connections and creating memorable experiences through the games we love.

To start or join a league in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to contact us at 814.454.1587 or 800.558.4141. Last revised as of June 11, 2024.



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