2013 Results & Photos

2013 VNEA PA State Pool Tournament Results:

We had a fantastic year at this years tournament!  Thanks to all of our players, we hope you had a great time and we would be grateful for any feedback you have on how things went this year! Good luck to those going on to Las Vegas!!!

  • Registration is becoming a well oiled machine.  Wait times were down to minutes, and players were able to get their nametag and lanyard and move on to the tournament.
  • We had no lines, no log-jams for coins – greens fees meant players utilized tables for practicing, playing a game in their free time, or just knock some balls around.
  • No log-jams at the TV’s – the charts are still displayed up front just as last year, but at this years event new matches were texted to players cell phones as soon as they were created.  Charts were also available on the warnercoin.com website – 700 people too advantage of those charts over the course of the weekend.
  • Dr. Cue, Tom Rossman, joined The Ginger Wizard, Dave Pearson, this year in entertaining and educating tournament attendees, and beverage service increased it’s presence, nearly eliminating wait times.

Singles Charts

A 1      A 2      A 3

A 4      A 5      A 6

B 1      B 2      B 3

B 4      B 5      B 6

C 1      C 2      C 3

C 4      C 5      C 6

D 1      D 2      D 3

D 4      D 5

L 1       L 2

PA A      PA B

PA C      PA D      PA M

HA 1      HA 2      HA 3

HB 1      HB 2

HC 1      HC 2

HD 1      HD 2

JA       JY      JM

Team Charts

AA      AB      AM

BA      BB      BM

CA      CB      CM

DA      DB      DM